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New Art Ideas Are Brewing

Can it be?  Word art paintings are beginning to surface in my mind once again.  But time will only tell, if and when I get around to painting them.  Perhaps I will experiment with mixed media a little more this time.  I must confess, I have been busy with my latest website project, AbstractArtistGallery.org.  If you are an abstract artist or into abstract art you really must check it out.  I have found a new source of inspiration from all the wonderful artists submitting into the site.  Their art and their stories have me wondering what my next new conceptual piece of art will be and what new media I will use.

News: I recently had a nice little interview with the Union Leader.  I believe the piece will be in Sundays paper for anyone that reads it here in New Hampshire.  I also have been getting some very nice emails from fellow artists who read an article someone wrote about me on EmptyEasel.com.  It’s great to hear how artists feel about my work and to know that I can actually inspire some of them.