“A Heart So Big” Abstract Energy Art

Abstract Energy Art Canvas Art

Title: A Heart So Big
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My abstract energy art is about passion and expressing joy and positive energy. By putting my creative heart first I hope to produce abstract artworks that connect with a spiritual or divine element. This abstract art canvas print has expressive energy and emotion that moves through a spiral and is blended into vertical streaks. The colors are a vibrant mix of many colors including turquoise, gold, red, and blue. This is a powerfully uplifting abstract that can make a nice tall central piece especially when created on large gallery canvas. The largest canvas print can be made up to the massive size of 48″ x 72″.  Acrylic prints and metal prints are also available.  If you resonate with my work and desire to make it your own please contact me and let me know.
Large Abstract Art Energy Canvas Print

Large Abstract Art Energy Canvas Print

“Freedom” Abstract Art


Title: Freedom
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This abstract painting is an expression of the great joy that comes from freedom. The soft colors represent an open heart and the cloud-like formations and splattered on paint are meant to convey manifestations of the mind. I would love to hear your reactions about this abstract art piece. If you have any comments or questions please comment below. Visit my print gallery for custom print options and large sizes up to 108″ x 43.”

“Life Is A Gift”Abstract Art


Title: Life Is A Gift
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I created this abstract with feelings of optimism and getting a fresh start in life. The turquoise color palette is cleansing and peaceful while the textural forms express movement by appearing like refracted light or folded fabric. Up close you will see visual texture and other colors such as purple and orange.

I would love to hear your reactions about this abstract art piece. If you have any comments or questions please comment below. Visit my print gallery for custom print options and large sizes up to 96″ x 48.”

Abstract Art Canvas Print Modern Painting

Abstract Art Canvas Print Modern Painting

Recent Sale – “Luminous” Abstract Art on Canvas

abstract art on canvas
A recent sale of a 72″ x 36″ print of Luminous abstract art on canvas (gallery wrapped) went to a buyer from Santa Barbara, CA.  Other abstract canvas art gallery prints recently sold are a 48″ x 16″ canvas print of Passion, a 96″ x 42″ canvas print of Mother Earth, and a 60″ x 26″ canvas print of Essence.  It’s a great pleasure to create these abstract art paintings and then have then be able to print and sell them in such a large beautiful format.  Printing these abstract art paintings on oversized gallery wrapped canvas is a very simple and eloquent form of presentation that allows you to experience the art.  The energy, the colors, and the layered abstract forms all come together to envelop you (the viewer).  If you are unaware my abstract canvas art is available in many sizes, custom made to your order.  The larger sizes, 6-8′ are a more popular choice for my abstract art on canvas.  For more information visit my abstract art print gallery.

“Eloquence” Abstract Art Painting

Abstract Art Painting

Title: Eloquence
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Eloquence is the newest abstract painting in my series of Abstract Art Digital Paintings. While creating it I focused on positive thoughts in a peaceful state of mind. It is quietly radiating energy with swirling blended layers of light in soft pastel colors. I feel the overall impression is sure to sooth the senses.

I would love to hear from you about this abstract art piece. If you have any comments or questions please comment below. Visit my print gallery for custom print options and sizes up to 48″ x 48.” I am also offering a large 36″ x 36″ signed canvas print of Eloquence that comes rolled in a tube. For more information visit the abstract art digital gallery.

“Lighthearted” Abstract Heart Painting

Abstract Heart Painting - Lighthearted Canvas Print

Title: Lighthearted
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This abstract art heart painting is a reminder for me to always embrace a lighthearted worry-free approach to life. I chose to go with the pinks and soft pastel colors to express a light airy feeling.  The heart in the center is abstract enough where it is unnoticeable by some.    This is a digital painting available for sale as canvas art, metal art, acrylic art, or a print on paper. Canvas prints can made up to the massive size of 96″ x 48.”  Click this link to learn more about my abstract art paintings.

Abstract Art For Sale Canvas Print

Abstract Art For Sale Canvas Print

Signed Abstract Art Canvas Prints For Sale

My abstract art digital paintings are painted on the computer using computer software and various filter techniques in high resolution. When the final abstract artwork is completed it is brought to life via the giclée printing process. A giclée print is an individually produced, high-resolution reproduction done on a special large format printer. I prefer to print my abstract art on canvas, large enough to bring out the true intended feeling.

I have decided to offer large signed canvas prints for all of my abstract art digital paintings.  Signed abstract canvas prints are created on quality acid-free canvas using genuine HP Vivera pigment inks that are water resistant and resist fading for over 200 years. Unstretched canvas prints are a popular choice for digital abstract art because they are an economical way for me to create and ship the art.  These signed canvas prints come rolled in a tube unless they are noted as being gallery canvas prints. Gallery canvas prints are also signed, as well as stretched and mounted, wired and ready for hanging on display with or without a frame.

As of writing this post, prices for abstract art canvas prints are as follows:

Essence – 18″ x 24″ (3), Signed Gallery Canvas Print (Triptych), $700
Above The Clouds – 60″ x 20″, Signed Canvas Print, $495
Rosewater – 20″ x 60″, Signed Canvas Print, $495
Mother Earth – 54″ x 24″, Signed Canvas Print, $539
Passion – 60″ x 20″, Signed Canvas Print, $495

Visit my abstract art gallery for updated prices and to buy a signed abstract art canvas print.

Order Large Abstract Art on Gallery Canvas

All of my digital abstract art paintings can be purchased on stretched gallery wrapped canvas and are available in many large sizes.  The process to place a custom order is quite simple and all of the prices update in real-time right on my website.  Of course, you can also purchase abstract art paintings on artist paper with the option to have the artwork framed with or without a mat, but in general many people like the my large abstract art prints on canvas. They are ready to hang without a frame, but a floater frame looks quite nice.

To order large abstract art on canvas just go to my print gallery and select the painting you like.  You can use the high resolution feature by moving your curser over the image and clicking.  This is a great feature for you to use so that you can see a detailed image of what the art really looks like up close.  You will see that my abstract artwork is created in high resolution so that it is possible to print high quality large oversized abstract canvas art .

Then on the right side click “Stretched Canvas Print“.  Then customize and watch the prices change in real time by selecting what you want:

  1. Size
  2. Frame > Yes or No
  3. Canvas > Glossy Finish Canvas
  4. Wrap > Gallery Wrap (Black Sides)

That’s all there is to it.  Click “Add to Cart” and continue through the check out process.  You can pay by credit card or a Paypal account.  Your custom order is processed by FineArtAmerica.com in only a few days.  The quality is also outstanding as these are museum-quality prints.  International orders are also welcomed as FineArtAmerica.com will ship orders to anywhere in the world.  FineArtAmerica.com also offers a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy.

“Passion” Abstract Art For Sale

abstract art

Title: Passion

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This abstract painting moves and flows with warm crimson earth tones. There is an invigorating energy and strong emotional feeling in this piece and that is why I entitled it “Passion.” This abstract artwork can be positioned vertically or horizontal, giving you two different perspectives and places to locate it on your walls. Please visit my print gallery for print options and canvas art sizes up to 108″ x 36″. Passion is a very popular piece and has even been reproduced as a large restaurant awning at Cafe Fresco in Rhode Island.

Large Abstract Canvas Art Painting - Passion Large Abstract Canvas Art Painting - Passion

Large Abstract Canvas Art Painting - Passion

Detail View – Passion – Abstract Art Digital Painting

Large Abstract Canvas Art Painting - Passion

Detail View – Passion – Abstract Art Digital Painting

“Mother Earth” Abstract Art Mixed Media Painting

Abstract Art Painting Canvas Art - Mother Earth
Title: Mother Earth
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This is the latest addition to my collection of Abstract Energy Art.  Because this is a very abstract piece I believe the viewer should get what he or she wants to get out of it.  But I will say that in the process of creating this abstract painting I was reminded of the farm life and the earth, which is how I derived the title “Mother Earth.”  I spent a lot of time outside working in the garden, feeding the chickens, and going for walks with my dogs. Making peace with the earth and acknowledging the divine aspects of creation were central to my personal feelings and perhaps they came through in the art.  My contemporary abstract artworks are created with vivid detail and texture. The most popular choice is a large canvas art print on glossy gallery canvas. Large canvas art can be produced for you at a maximum size of 108″ x 48″.




Abstract Canvas Art in Contemporary Home Setting

"Rosewater" Digital Paintings, Abstract Canvas Art © 2010

Click here for more information about “Rosewater” abstract canvas art digital painting by Cianelli