"Live Love" Inspirational Abstract Art Painting

Live Love Abstract Word Art Painting

When I first drew this abstract painting I knew I wanted to express a river flowing through the center of a figure. The river would symbolize the fountains of the spirit of love. The meaning would be to open up and express love. Somewhere along the way it hit me that the words live and love are only 1 letter different. When this happened I worked with the idea that the figure could be part of both words. His/Her out-stretched arms could express the feeling of opening up as well create the letter o. Notice how the painting flows over the sides. I thought that was a nice touch.   Go here to learn how to buy my original art online

Live Love Abstract Word Art Side View

Jaison Cianelli is the artist and owner of Cianelli Studios. His unique oversized abstract canvas art has transformed the living space of many homes and businesses around the world with positive energy and contemporary appeal. In addition to creating art he regularly writes inspirational messages about connecting to the creative expression within.

Jaison Cianelli – who has written posts on Cianelli Studios Art Blog.

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2 thoughts on “"Live Love" Inspirational Abstract Art Painting”

  1. Nice one. I am not a art expert, but I can feel the energy and the love radiating out of this ….
    I especially enjoy the message you are sending out into the world.

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