Getting Back to My Roots

I just felt the need. Maybe I spent too my time staring at my annoying yet expressive rooster that parades around my lawn, but I just felt the need to get back to some raw expressionism.  The rooster doesn’t care.  He gets up on his rock and he shouts to the world.  He also gets down and does a weird side stepping dance.

If you can’t tell, within my paintings are the drips and drops of inspiration from Jackson Pollock.  His style of painting called action painting arises from a need to express feelings rather than illustrate them.  The action of creating the painting is the best part.  I felt this need for this type of expression especially when I was a teenager  when I found out I had to live in a world that was one big mess.

So here I am again, not quite as angry, but I just want to turn up the stereo and let the paint flow.  This painting is not finished but I just wanted to share it with you:

Jaison Cianelli is the artist and owner of Cianelli Studios. His unique oversized abstract canvas art has transformed the living space of many homes and businesses around the world with positive energy and contemporary appeal. In addition to creating art he regularly writes inspirational messages about connecting to the creative expression within.

Jaison Cianelli – who has written posts on Cianelli Studios Art Blog.

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