"Bursting Sun" – Abstract Landscape Painting

Title: Bursting Sun
Original: Not For Sale | Buy Fine Art Print

“Bursting Sun” was one of the first  abstract landscape paintings with an explosive energy.  The golden highlights, rich colors, and deep texture brought a new emotion to my painting style.  This is one of my favorite paintings that I have ever done and I am happy to be selling fine art giclée canvas prints.  Believe it or not, creating a sunset was not my main objective.  Harnessing the energy of a sunset was.  Thanks for viewing!

Jaison Cianelli is the artist and owner of Cianelli Studios. His unique oversized abstract canvas art has transformed the living space of many homes and businesses around the world with positive energy and contemporary appeal. In addition to creating art he regularly writes inspirational messages about connecting to the creative expression within.

Jaison Cianelli – who has written posts on Cianelli Studios Art Blog.

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14 thoughts on “"Bursting Sun" – Abstract Landscape Painting

  1. hey, i’m doing an art gcse and i found your painting online and loved the texture. i was hoping to do a study of it but i cant work out how you got the texture. is there any possibility that you could help me out and give me some help on how to go about doing a study of your amazing painting? and how to get that texture?

    • All of the artwork on my blog and website was created by me – Jaison Cianelli. The photographs of the artwork (if that’s what you were asking) were also done by me.

  2. Hmm, I love this one too….The use of the white and yellow really make that luminous effect….I was wondering, did you use a product (I dont know the name in english), but in french we call it “medium”, it’s a white substance, and when applied to the painting it dry’s clear. Just curious 🙂

  3. hi! I have an assignment for my art class, my teacher gave me a list of contemporary artists and I chose you 🙂 could you tell me what materials did you use and the year you created it, please?
    PS: I think you are an amazing artist and I completely love this painting

    • Hi Mari,

      Thanks for your comment. I created “Bursting Sun” in 2009. The painting was created with acrylic and latex paint on gallery canvas. I used brushes and a drip technique. I also used a gloss medium to create the glazed layers as well as a gold acrylic medium to enhance the illusion of light.

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