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"This is a very earthy and fluid abstract art piece. The warm tones and detailed textural elements were inspired by observing canyons, rocks, and feathers. With most of my abstract art I am inspired to create fluid lines that flow, swirl, and even vibrate. This movement represents the act of doing something and desiring to become more than you are - to grow, to transcend limitations, and take the next step towards raising your awareness or consciousness. This modern abstract digital painting is available as canvas art, metal art, acrylic art, and paper print. A canvas art print can be made as large as 96" x 48." - Jaison Cianelli

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Abstract Art Canvas Print

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Abstract Art Canvas Print

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"I want you to you know that I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. If ever you feel a connection with a piece of artwork please send me an email. It is important for me to understand your reaction to my work." - Jaison Cianelli

Title: Warm Embrace
Largest Size: 96" x 48"
Medium: Digital Mixed Media Painting

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