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"This warm and flowing abstract piece is free and open. When I created it I spent a lot of time outside working in the garden, feeding the chickens, and going for walks with my dogs. Making peace with the earth and acknowledging the divine aspects of creation were central to my personal feelings and perhaps they came through in the art. Mother Earth is a wide format abstract art piece. Many sizes are available. A three panel triptych version is also available by visiting my print gallery and buying each panel seperately. Purchasing on 3 canvases gives a modern look and allows the maximum size of 144" x 48" to be produced. - Jaison Cianelli

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Abstract Art Canvas Print

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Abstract Art Canvas Print
Abstract Art Canvas Print

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Large Abstract Art Triptych 3 Panel Canvas

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"I want you to you know that I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. If ever you feel a connection with a piece of artwork please send me an email. It is important for me to understand your reaction to my work." - Jaison Cianelli

Title: Mother Earth
Largest Size: 108" x 48", Triptych 144" x 48"
Medium: Digital Mixed Media Painting

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