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"Flowers are such a great inspiration and worked into many of my paintings. Their colors are magnificent and their graceful forms show the divine intelligence and beauty of the universe. I enjoy re-creating their sense of wonder through a type of energetic abstract display. In this abstract floral piece I enjoyed finding a balance of uplifting color tones and forms inspired by flowers and atmospheric elements. What came out was a light airy feeling reminiscent of a dance or flight. The lightness of motion seems to tie in nicely with colors and forms of flower pedals. This abstract artwork is available on canvas and other mediums up to 60" x 48." - Jaison Cianelli

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Abstract Art Canvas Print

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Abstract Art Canvas Print
Abstract Art Canvas Print


Abstract Art Canvas Print

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"I want you to you know that I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. If ever you feel a connection with a piece of artwork please send me an email. It is important for me to understand your reaction to my work." - Jaison Cianelli

Title: Floral Wings
Largest Size: 60" x 48"
Medium: Digital Mixed Media Painting

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